Burger King Customer Finds Razor Blade in Burger

Police determined it got there by accident


Burger KingA California woman found a razor blade in her cheeseburger, but police say it wasn’t a crime.

Yolanda Orozco purchased the burger at Burger King (BKW) in the town of Willits, Calif. After she made the sharp discovery, she called police, who questioned workers at the restaurant. The workers told authorities that razor blades were routinely used in the kitchen for cleaning purposes, leading police to conclude that the razor blade fell into Orozco’s burger by accident, USA TODAY notes.

Burger King Rolls Out Challenger to McDonald’s McRib
Burger King Rolls Out Challenger to McDonald’s McRib

When the story hit the media a week later, Burger King was left scrambling to contain the damage.

The company insists that the decision to keep razor blades in the kitchen was the franchise owner’s, not Burger King itself. The chain says that its food handling policies forbid the presence of razor blades in or near areas where food is prepared. A company spokesperson said it was an “isolated incident” and that Burger King would make sure the franchise didn’t do it again.

Marketing experts said that Burger King needed to do more to mitigate the damage and should have responded more quickly.

Shares of Burger King rose fractionally in Thursday morning trading.

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