E3 Audience Gags Over Xbox One Price Reveal

Sony is pricing its Playstation 4 console $100 less


Xbox Console RHS78 TransBG RGB 2013 300x139 E3 Audience Gags Over Xbox One Price RevealOn Monday, Microsoft (MSFT) announced the price and launch date of next-generation gaming console, surprising analysts and gamers alike.

In a presentation at the annual E3 conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft said the Xbox One would hit store shelves in November. Gamers will have to shell out $499 to own the new console, which combines gaming and entertainment functions, The Daily Camera noted.

MicrosoftNew185 E3 Audience Gags Over Xbox One Price Reveal
What If Microsoft’s Xbox One Is a Hit?

That’s a lot more than the current Xbox 360, which retails for about $300.

Video game rival Sony (SNE) wasted no time in pointing out that its new Playstation 4 console is priced at just $400.

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One last month. The new console allows users to move seamlessly between gaming, television and online entertainment.

However, the machine’s always-on Internet connection, coupled with its array of microphones, IR cameras and motion detectors has provoked some alarm among privacy advocates.

Shares of Microsoft fell about 1% in Tuesday midday trading.

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