Ex-McDonald’s Worker Sues Over Payment Policy

by Christopher Freeburn | June 18, 2013 12:31 pm

mcdonalds store 630[1]McDonald’s (MCD[2]) is facing a potential class action lawsuit over the way some franchise owners pay their employees[3].

A former worker at a Pennsylvania McDonald’s claims that restaurant employees were paid with JPMorgan Chase (JPM[4]) debit cards. Natalie Gunshannon says that fees charged on transactions made with the cards effectively mean that some employees are being paid less than minimum wage, ABC News notes.

Gunshannon is looking to have her lawsuit certified as a class action. She says McDonald’s workers should have the option of having their salaries paid with a check or cash.

While hourly workers were forced to receive payment through the debit cards, Gunshannon says that restaurant managers and assistant managers were paid by direct deposit.

The franchise owners declined to comment on the lawsuit to ABC News, noting they hadn’t received a copy of the complaint.

Debit cards have become a popular vehicle to disburse employment salaries for companies looking to cut down on the expenses associated with paper checks.

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