Famous Nude Beach to Ban … Nudists

Inappropriate acts led its manager to impose the ban


Famous Nude Beach to Ban … Nudists

holkhambeach 300x225 Famous Nude Beach to Ban ... NudistsHolkham Beach in Norfolk has long been a popular destination for nudists in the United Kingdom. That has now changed.

A manager who oversees that beach has banned nudists from the sands after local police were notified about a number of public sexual encounters, the Daily Star notes.

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While known for its former tolerance of nudists, the beach also attracts clothed swimmers and sun-bathers.

British Naturists, who prefer life without clothes, were up in arms over the ban, which they said punished all nudists for the acts of a few.

However, the beach manager insisted that the comprehensive ban on nude beach-goers was the best way to ensure the “future safety of all our visitors.”

It remains unclear how far the police or beach management will go to enforce the new ban.

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