George Takei Outed for Hiring Facebook Ghostwriters

by Christopher Freeburn | June 13, 2013 10:07 am

georgetakei[1]Starring as Star Trek‘s Lieutenant Sulu, George Takei piloted the Starship Enterprise for three seasons on network TV and for a decade more in big screen movies. But, apparently, he doesn’t write his own jokes[2].

The actor maintains a popular page on Facebook (FB[3]), which fans believed contained his own witty observations and jokes. Now those fans are outraged after comedy writer Rick Polito said in an interview that he penned the jokes on Takei’s Facebook page and was paid $10 for each joke, notes.

Fans expressed their dismay on a variety of social media channels.

Takei appeared bemused by the controversy, noting that he has a number of assistants, including his husband, Brad, who help generate content for his Facebook page, which has 4.18 million followers.

Polito has issued an apology to Takei, insisting that he hadn’t intend to “expose anything.”

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