NYC May Force Residents to Compost Food Scraps

by William White | June 19, 2013 3:46 pm

NewYork[1]New York is launching a composting program that will expand later this year in an effort to make the city greener and reduce the waste.

After a successful test in 3,500 Staten Island homes and some Manhattan apartment buildings, the program is good to go, reports USA Today[2]. The compost program will expand to more than 100,000 homes by this fall.

As of now the program is voluntary, but in the next few years it might be mandatory. This hitch is leaving many New York citizens weary of the project, with the main concern being how expensive a fine for not composting would be.

In another move to make the city more green, New York recently teamed up with AT&T (T[3]) to supply the city with 25 solar-powered charge stations[4] this summer.

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