USDA Wants Safety Warning on Tenderized Beef

by Adam Benjamin | June 7, 2013 11:35 am

Ground beef[1]Claiming that the process increases the chances that pathogens will transfer deeper into the meat, the government is pushing for new safety warnings on tenderized beef.

When meet is tenderized, blades and needles poke into the meat and can carry pathogens deep into the meat. If the pathogens get buried, the meat is at greater risk of being dangerously undercooked. The Associated Press reports[2] that Agriculture Department is asking for warning labels and cooking instructions on tenderized meet, instructing consumers to cook at a temperature of 145 degrees for a duration of at least three minutes.

The meat industry is pushing back against the ruling, claiming that it will cause a change in consumers’ perceptions. James H. Hodges, from the American Meat Institute, explained, “If, for example, Ford were suddenly forced to call an Explorer a ‘Robotically Assembled Ford Explorer,’ a buyer might think the car has been significantly changed.”

Consumer groups aren’t settling for that explanation, instead demanding greater clarity around which meats are tenderized.

Adam Benjamin is an Assistant Editor of InvestorPlace.

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