Aaron Hernandez Is a Hot Commodity on eBay

by William White | July 2, 2013 2:42 pm

Ebay (EBAY[1]) is experiencing a rise in Aaron Hernandez jerseys being sold on the site.

The former football player was arrested last Wednesday[2] and charged with the murder of Odin Lloyed.

After that, some fans took to eBay to sell their Number 81 Aaron Hernandez Patriots jerseys, hoping to make a few bucks.

“I thought I might get $15 for it,” John Lamothe, told The Boston Globe.

The jersey sold for $289, reports The Boston Globe.

The Patriots ProShop at Gillette Stadium will be allowing customers who bought #81 jerseys to exchange them  for different jerseys July 6 & 7, reports ABC News[3].

The offer to exchange the jerseys is likely having an effect on jerseys being sold on eBay. Some collectors like strange items, and a jersey of a man charged with murder likely fits into that category.

According to ABC News, Aaron Hernandez never made it to the Top 100 list of popular jerseys sold on NFLShop.com.

This also means that the jersey is more rare, as it was never a big seller.



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