An Open Letter to Justin Bieber About Hedge Fund Ads

by Kyle Woodley | July 12, 2013 8:12 am

Dearest Biebs,

Following a year in which you have been banned from indoor skydiving in Vegas[1], let some anti-Clinton rhetoric fly while pissing in a bucket[2], and drove so poorly that it spurred a former NFL star into action[3] … well, I worry that your knack for poor decision-making might soon put your $110 million[4] at serious risk.

I’m sure by now you’re used to many members of your entourage telling you how to spend your money — cars, drugs, nightlights. In fact, at this point, I’m sure you’ve heard your share of pitches promising a “big business opportunity” — all you have to do is start ‘em off with a [large number here] loan. But if I had to guess, you’ve at least figured out by now that just because Lil Twist puts a suit on, he doesn’t actually mean business.

But soon, Biebs, you’re going to be set upon by a whole new class of swindler.

That’s because hedge funds — to keep it simple for you, it’s a bunch of guys who want your money and swear to give it back and more — just got the green light from the SEC to advertise for the first time in a long time. Since, like, phones were attached to walls!

So, let’s say you’re backstage watching TV, making fans wait another hour before you put on a half-show. You might see some businessman explain how, for a fee, he can invest your money and make it grow, grow, grow … but he’s full of lies, lies, lies! Think about this:

Of course, if these numbers are hurting your head, just check out #hedgefundslogans[7] on Twitter. These guys are getting ripped to shreds!

The one thing you might have in your favor is that these hedge funds can only take money from the really-rich, anyway, so maybe they won’t try to dig their claws into you when you pick up Us Weekly.

But I wanted to give you the heads up just in case — because you’re cool with Usher, and that makes you cool with me.


Kyle Woodley is the Deputy Managing Editor of InvestorPlace and thinks if you’re dumb enough to invest in a hedge fund because of an ad, you’re just letting financial Darwinism do its thing … and that’s OK.

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