Attention Yield Seekers: Now Is Your Chance to Act!

by Louis Navellier | July 24, 2013 8:23 pm

In this low interest rate environment, dividends are still looking great. After all, the S&P 500 currently yields about 2%, and that is a heck of a lot better than you can get through most savings accounts. On top of this, dividends do two important things:

  1. First, a generous dividend payment lowers a stock’s volatility. I’d much rather own a stock that’s stable rather than one that scatters all over the place.
  2. They also tell me how much money a company really has. If the company is willing to part with cash in the form of a dividend payment, then I know they really earned it.

But you still have to do your homework and screen dividend stocks for fundamental health[1]. Stock selection remains critical with dividend stocks, because if you choose them correctly, you can make a fortune both as your invested capital appreciates over the years—and as the quarterly dividend grows.

And now is the perfect time to do so because we’re coming up on a bunch of ex-dividend dates over the next few weeks. I’ve listed the big dividends below, as well as my current Portfolio Grader ranking for each of these stocks.

Symbol Company Ex-Dividend Yield My Take
AAPL Apple 8-Aug 2.77% Strong Sell[2]
BA Boeing 7-Aug 1.80% Buy[3]
CAG ConAgra Foods 29-Jul 2.71% Strong Buy[4]
CLF Cliffs Natural Resources 13-Aug 3.28% Strong Sell[5]
COST Costco 9-Aug 1.05% Buy[6]
DFS Discover Financial 6-Aug 1.60% Buy[7]
DUK Duke Energy 14-Aug 4.43% Hold[8]
EXC Exelon 13-Aug 3.98% Strong Sell[9]
F Ford 31-Jul 2.36% Buy[10]
FNV Franco-Nevada Corporation ADR 13-Aug 1.66% Sell[11]
HAS Hasbro 30-Jul 3.35% Buy[12]
HBI Hanesbrands, 9-Aug 1.39% Strong Buy[13]
HCI Homeowners Choice 14-Aug 2.70% Buy[14]
GSK GlaxoSmithKline 7-Aug 4.88% Hold[15]
KR Kroger 13-Aug 1.54% Strong Buy[16]
LLY Eli Lilly 13-Aug 3.73% Hold[17]
MCO Moody’s 16-Aug 1.55% Buy[18]
MSFT Microsoft 13-Aug 2.88% Sell[19]
PETS PetSmart 31-Jul 0.92% Buy[20]
PFE Pfizer 31-Jul 3.26% Buy[21]
SHW Sherwin Williams 14-Aug 1.16% Buy[22]
SJM J.M. Smucker 14-Aug 2.12% Strong Buy[23]
SON Sonoco Products 14-Aug 3.25% Hold[24]
TGT Target 19-Aug 2.35% Hold[25]
TXN Texas Instruments 29-Jul 2.88% Buy[26]
V Visa 16-Aug 0.71% Buy[27]
  1. screen dividend stocks for fundamental health:
  2. Strong Sell:
  3. Buy:
  4. Strong Buy:
  5. Strong Sell:
  6. Buy:
  7. Buy:
  8. Hold:
  9. Strong Sell:
  10. Buy:
  11. Sell:
  12. Buy:
  13. Strong Buy:
  14. Buy:
  15. Hold:
  16. Strong Buy:
  17. Hold:
  18. Buy:
  19. Sell:
  20. Buy:
  21. Buy:
  22. Buy:
  23. Strong Buy:
  24. Hold:
  25. Hold:
  26. Buy:
  27. Buy:

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