Carowinds Ride Glitch Leaves Dozens Hanging for Over an Hour

by William White | July 29, 2013 2:49 pm

Theme Park_185[1]64 passengers [2]were stranded in the air for over an hour when a Carowinds ride malfunctioned on Sunday.

The ride that malfunctioned was the WindSeeker. The ride malfunctioned due to a glitch that caused the ride’s safety system to activate. A similar malfunction happened to the WindSeeker a year earlier, reports The Charlotte Observer.

Logan Parce met up with his freinds at the park and decided to make it the first ride of the day. Parce and his girlfriend convinced a friend who was afraid of heights to join them on the ride. Parce said that while the ride was stopped he never felt in danger. He also sais that other pople dealt with the malfunction in their own way, including a couple that freaked out, and a passenger that threw up. No one was injured during the malfunction, reports The Charlotte Observer.

Due to this and WindSeekers malfunctioning at other parks, Cedar Fair suspended the rides for inspection. The rides were open again on Monday, reports The Charlotte Observer.

In 2012 a dozen Six Flags (SIX[3]) passengers were stranded 150 feet in the air[4] when a roller-coaster malfunctioned.

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