Forbes: Hollywood’s 5 Highest Paid Actors

by Christopher Freeburn | July 18, 2013 10:41 am

hollywood sign 630[1]Forbes is out with its annual list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood[2].

Action-movie stars are high on this year’s ranking of box-office heavyweights. The leading men from the Iron Man, GI Joe, X-Men and Fast & Furious franchises climbed to the top of the list, as did Mark Walhberg who hit it big with audiences when he paired with wise-cracking teddy bear in last year’s comedy Ted.

Here are the five highest paid actors in Hollywood[3], according to Forbes:

  1. Robert Downey Jr. — $75 million
  2. Channing Tatum — $60 million
  3. Hugh Jackman — $55 million
  4. Mark Wahlberg — $52 million
  5. Dwayne Johnson — $46 million

For more information on the actors on the list, and how they earned their fortunes, please visit Forbes[4].

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