North America’s Favorite Grocery Store Is …

by Karl Utermohlen | July 25, 2013 6:09 pm

According to a study that analyzed customer satisfaction among 6,600 American consumers, Trader Joe’s is North American’s favorite grocery store.

Market Force Information, a worldwide leader in customer intelligence solutions, conducted the study which took into account a number of factors including overall satisfaction and whether or not customers were likely to recommend the store to a friend.

Offering a neighborhood-store environment, Trader Joe’s led every other grocery store chain in the delight index. North America’s favorite grocery store has nearly 400 stores thanks to the steady growth that it’s experienced over recent years.

In second and third place of the delight index were Publix Super Markets (PUSH) and Whole Foods Market (WFM) respectively. Ralphs (KR) came out on top in the convenience chart, while ALDI and WinCo were the price leaders.

The study also analyzed several other factors such as healthiness, product quality, and sustainability.

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