Note to Self: Don’t Take Horse Into McDonald’s

She was fined for alarming other patrons


arcos dorados mcdonalds 630 300x225 Note to Self: Dont Take Horse Into McDonaldsA McDonald’s (MCD) in the United Kingdom recently received some unwelcome hoof traffic.

The restaurant in Greater Manchester saw what is almost certainly is first equine visitor when a patron, who had been declined service while on horseback at the drive-thru window on Saturday, brought her horse into the restaurant, the BBC notes.

McDonalds185 Note to Self: Dont Take Horse Into McDonalds
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McDonald’s said that it has a policy of not serving bicycle riders, people on foot, or mounted horse riders at its drive-through windows.

The horse promptly defecated on the restaurant’s floor.

Police were summoned and the woman was fined for causing “alarm and distress” to restaurant patrons.

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