Tesla Roars Into Nasdaq 100 on Monday

by Christopher Freeburn | July 9, 2013 9:48 am

Nasdaq[1]Next week will see changes to the Nasdaq 100 index as a major software maker departs and an electric car company joins the list[2].

Last month, Oracle (ORCL[3]) announced that it would move from Nasdaq OMX Group’s (NDAQ[4]) Nasdaq to NYSE Euronext’s (NYX[5]) New York Stock Exchange, becoming the largest corporation to make the switch between the rival stock exchanges. Replacing Oracle on the Nasdaq 100 will be Tesla Motors (TSLA[6]), which will be added to the index prior to the commencement of trading on July 15, Bloomberg notes.

Tesla is having a banner year. The company recently produced its first every quarterly profit[7] on rising sales of its upscale Model S electric car.

Earlier this year, it also announced that it had repaid Department of Energy loans[8] years ahead of schedule.

Oracle, which has a market capitalization of $156.4 billion, had traded on the Nasdaq[9] since 1986.

The news sent Tesla shares up more than 2% in Tuesday morning trading, while Oracle shares slid about 1%.

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