TGI Friday’s to Pay $500K in N.J. Booze-Switching Scam

The Briad Group also agrees not to contest charges


A tiff over several TGI Friday’s locations passing cheap booze as top-shelf liquor has culminated in a half-million-dollar fine.

The Briad Group — the hospitality company that controls these TGI Friday’s locations – is facing charges for eight of the 13 TGI Friday’s that allegedly mixed rubbing alcohol with caramel coloring and sold it as scotch, according to The Associated Press.

The Briad Group decided to settle for a $400,000 fine instead of contesting these charges. They will have to pay an additional $100,000 to cover the costs of the investigation. Barring any more violations, The Briad Group will retain its liquor licenses in its TGI Friday’s restaurants without any suspensions.

Back in May, 13 TGI Friday’s locations were among the 29 New Jersey restaurants accused of passing off rubbing alcohol as top-shelf alcohol.

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