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Weird Thefts: 5 Frequently Stolen Items You Wouldn’t Expect

Not all burglars have their eyes on cash and jewels

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thievesWe’re all familiar with the usual spectrum of theft — be it big-time bank robberies that movie plots are made of or silly small-time grabs of things like restaurant silverware.

But some thefts aren’t notable for being big or small. Rather, they’re just plain weird.

In Russia, for example, a man actually stole an entire road. And stateside, theft of pregnancy tests, baby formula and even pickup truck tailgates have actually become almost normal … or at least common.

And that’s just the beginning. Burglars have focused their attention on some surprising things in recent years — things that will make classic ATM thefts or purse-snatching seem worthy of little more than a yawn.

Let’s take a look at five weird thefts that have taken place relatively recently.

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