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Weird Thefts: 5 Frequently Stolen Items You Wouldn’t Expect

Not all burglars have their eyes on cash and jewels

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Sap and Syrup

syrupAnother common theft New Englanders deal with: Folks stealing their sap. According to CBS News, last spring saw several reports of trespassers using a spout-like tap and a bucket to steal sap.

They likely then used to it make maple syrup, which is a pricey (and delicious) treat. Maple syrup is 13 times pricier than gasoline, selling at around $50 per gallon.

The sap-thieves are a double whammy, as they have also been damaging the trees they steal from in the process.

Of course, some folks skip the middle-man and just steal the maple syrup directly. Last year, enough syrup for 183 million pancakes was stolen from a warehouse in Quebec. Luckily, most of it was recovered, saving the syrup-seller from one sticky situation.

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