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Burger King Pulls ‘Better Than Drugs’ Ad

The ad compares a Whopper to opium


Burger King Worldwide NYSE:BKWRussian media outlets are refusing to run a Burger King (BKW) ad that links the Whopper to drugs.

The commercial opens up with a Whopper crushing a flower while a voice narrates that “This is a poppy. It was popular once, but now its time has passed.” The poppy, which is used in the creation of opium, symbolizes a bad habit. The Whopper crushing the poppy is meant to symbolize replacing drugs with Burger King’s food. The commerical had a double meaning to it as well. Poppy in Russian is “mak”, which is also a slang term in that country for McDonald’s (MCD). The connection of opium to Whoppers has many stations refusing to carry the commercial, reports Adweek.

Burger King has removed the ad from its YouTube channel.

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