New Lingerie Line Features 24K Gold Thread

by William White | August 6, 2013 4:02 pm

The wealthy now have the option of showing their worth with their underwear.

Sascha Hertli, CEO of Rococo Dessous, decided to start a line of golden gilded unmentionables after realizing there wasn’t any on the market yet. To achieve his goal, Hertli teamed up with former L Brands’ (LTD[1]) Victoria’s Secret designer Breanna Lee. The fashion line only uses 24-karat gold sourced from Switzerland, and cost $1,500 to $6,000 depending on the set. Hertli chose to use gold over other valuable metals due to its value in both Russian and Middle East markets, which has many wealthy consumers. Hertli says that the price of the lingerie could change as much as 15% depending on the cost of gold, reports CNBC[2].

“The materials are surprising soft and durable,” Lee told CNBC. “Most gold fabrics to date have been plated, but ours is unique in that it is woven within the thread. This creates a soft fabric feel, not metallic, and comparable to sewing a taffeta or other embroidery.”

The gold lingerie made its debut during the Lingerie Fashion Week[3] on August 2.

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