Travelers Beware as Hotels Amp Up Add-On Fees

by William White | August 13, 2013 1:17 pm

Hotel185[1]Hotels in the United States have more than doubled [2]fees and surcharges over the last 10 years.

American hotels are expected to make $2.1 billion in fees and surcharges during 2013, which is up from the $2 billion collected in 2012. Hotels are adding additional fees to get more out of visitors, reports The New York Times.

Services that can result in receiving extra fees and surcharges include:

Depending on the area, hotels also charge extra due to a fee that the city treasurer’s office applies to the hotel, which is allowed to be passed down to visitors. Some hotels also charge visitors extra on their bill for a donation to local charities. Most of these charges are found at high-end hotels. Many of these services are free at mid-level hotels, including Blackstone’s (BX[3]) Hilton Worldwide owned Hampton Inn and Garden Inn, Country Inns and Suites, and Marriott International’s (MAR[4]) Marriott Residence Inn, reports NYT.

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