Festival Swing Ride Malfunction Sends 12 Kids Flying, Crashing

by William White | September 9, 2013 2:30 pm

Theme Park_185[1]A swing ride at the Norwalk Oyster Festival in Connecticut sent 12 kids[2] flying and crashing to the ground on Sunday.

The ride, called the Zumor, swings children through the air on seats that are connected by metal chains. The ride lost power, which caused the children to fall to the ground. 18 people were injured due to the malfunction, 12 of which were children. An eight-year-old boy remains at a local hospital, he doesn’t have any fatal injuries. The ride was inspected two days before the accident by state officials. One man, whose daughter tried to ride the Zumor, but didn’t meet the height requirement, says that the event “ruined the day”, reports Fox 8.

Rides were stopped after the accident[3], but were reopened after fire investigators and Stewart Amusement, the company that supplied the rides, inspected them. The Zumor remained closed even after the other rides were opened.

64 passengers[4] were stranded in the air in July went a Carowinds ride malfunctioned.

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