Friday the 13th’s Hottest Airline Ticket? Flight 666 to HEL

by William White | September 13, 2013 3:03 pm

hot fire flames 630[1]Superstitious travelers won’t likely want to take flight 666 to HEL[2] on Friday the 13th.

Finnair’s flight 666 is scheduled to take off for Helsinki, which has a three letter designation of HEL, on Friday the 13th. The flight has become a joke among the airline’s pilots. Passengers of the flight aren’t being warded away by the strange coincidence. Flight 666 to HEL is almost at full capacity. Some airlines have taken to removing row 13 from their seats due to superstitions about the number, but the row is still present on Finnair’s flights, reports

Friday the 13th is commonly regarded as a day of bad luck and the number 666 is identified as “the number of the beast” in the Bible.

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