Jersey Shore Fights Mega Mold Problem


hurrican sandy 630 300x227 Jersey Shore Fights Mega Mold ProblemA year after Superstorm Sandy devastated areas of coastal New Jersey, residents are still dealing with the disaster’s lingering effects.

The long list of Sandy-related problems now includes mold. Many storm properties were flooded during the storm, giving mold a foothold to grow. According to one home inspector, as many as 20% of storm-damaged homes now have a mold problem, USA TODAY notes.

NewJersey Jersey Shore Fights Mega Mold Problem
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Compounding the problem are unqualified contractors who promise to repair the problem only to apply temporary fixes. Mold is also a problem many homeowners don’t even realize they have.

Mold can lead to structural rot, damaging buildings. It can also make people ill, especially those with existing respiratory conditions.

Legislation is before the New Jersey legislature to create state standards on mold levels in public buildings and residences, and to require mold cleaning professionals to register with the state.

The Superstorm slammed low-lying coastal areas of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut last October.

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