Kristin Cavallari Arrested in Illinois

Cavallari posted a $150 bail


Kristin Cavallari Arrested in Illinois

Kristin Cavallari, wife of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, was arrested while traveling from Chicago to Evanston, Ill. on Sept. 6.

Cavallari, 26, was stopped by a motorcycle officer for speeding at around 11:50 a.m. on Friday. She was required to follow the officer back to the police station. Here Cavllari posted a $150 bail. She had to follow the officer to the station because she has a California driver’s license. If Cavallari would’ve had an Illinois lisence, the officer would have taken it, or allowed her to use a bond card, which is acceptable as bail in Illinois. Unfortunately for Cavallari, California does not participate in a cooperative agreement among states regarding licensing, which is why she had to go to the police station. Cavallari and Cutler are renting a home in Winnetka, Ill., but she has yet to obtain an Illinois driver’s license. Illinois law requires citizens that move into the state to obtain a new license within 30 days, reports The Chicago Tribune.

“Who knew having a California drivers license in Illinois was a CRIME to be escorted to the police station to post bail,” Cavallari posted to Twiiter. “What a morning”

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