Man Calls 911 Over Cellphone Use in Movie Theater

by Christopher Freeburn | September 10, 2013 10:36 am

Red Velvet Theater Curtains 630[1]There is no question that the widespread adoption of mobile phones has proved disruptive to the movie-going experience. But most people don’t call the cops over it[2].

Not so with one particularly annoyed film fan at the Toronto International Film Festival. On Monday, Alex Billington became incensed that some audience members continued to text and email during the screening of The Sacrament. When the theater’s managers failed to respond to his satisfaction, he called the cops, the Associated Press noted.

Billington indicated that the 911 operator dismissed his report with laughter.

Undeterred, he promptly aired his complaints on Twitter, explaining that he feared that some in the audience were actually recording the film.

Last month, an aspiring rapper in Colorado managed to record a song about his confrontation with the police[3], while he was actually in a confrontation with local cops, who had surrounded his house.

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