Pinterest Gives Into Ads

by William White | September 20, 2013 9:50 am

pinterest_logo[1]Pinterest users will start to see ads[2] appearing on the photo-sharing website.

Pinterest is making its first move into advertising after going four yeas without ads. The first round of Pinterest ads will come from select brands. The website won’t be charging advertisers for the initial round of ads as it wants to make sure the ads work right before committing to the idea. Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, claims that users won’t have to worry about flashy banner ads and pop-ups. He claims that the ads will be relevant to users, users will always know when something is an ad and that the ads will be improved based off of user feedback. The decision to bring ads to Pinterest comes as the photo-sharing website picks up more traffic. The increased traffic is shifting from web users to mobile users, reports Tech Crunch.

“Pinterest is not a charity, it’s a business,” Rebecca Lieb, an industry analyst with Altimeter, told PC World[3]. “They have to monetize their site, one way or another.”

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