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Scientists ‘Extremely Confident’ They Know Cause of Climate Change

It forecasts a large rise in ocean levels during this century


Burning EarthOn Friday, the  (IPCC) issued a new report claiming that scientists are now 95% certain that humans are the main source of global warming.

In previous reports, the 195-nation member IPCC has declared a 90% certainty that human activity is warming the planet. Once IPCC scientist said that the new report indicated that scientists had doubled their confidence about the causes of global warming, the Associated Press notes.

Scientists Grow Mini Human Brains From Stem Cells
Scientists Grow Mini Human Brains From Stem Cells

However, the new report also conceded that the rise in average global temperatures had dramatically slowed over the past 15 years, data that has been touted by skeptics. The IPCC report noted that short-term climate data doesn’t detract from long-term warming forecasts, with one member saying that at least 30 years was needed to calculate climate-relevant trends.

Some climate scientists have speculated that the oceans may be collecting excess heat. The IPCC did not address those theories in its report.

The IPCC will release its entire 2,000 page report — which predicts that ocean levels will rise between 10 inches and 32 inches by the century’s end — to the public on Monday.

Last year, the World Bank forecast that average global temperatures would rise by 4 degrees celsius by 2100, producing “cataclysmic changes.”

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