Viral Video: Man Confesses to Killing on YouTube

22-year-old made video to raise awareness about drunk driving


A YouTube video of a 22-year-old’s confession to killing another man while driving drunk has gone viral.

Daily News reports that Matthew Cordle made the video on Tuesday to take responsibility for killing 61-year-old Vincent Canzani after driving intoxicated in Ohio’s Interstate 670. Cordle said that he had had too many drinks and he blacked out before driving home on the wrong side of the highway at night and crashing against Canzani’s car on June 22.

The 22-year-old added that he is giving the prosecution “everything they need to put [him] away for a very long time.” Cordle continues by begging his audience to avoid drinking and driving and the video ends with a black background and a message that says “make the promise to never drink and drive.”

Cordle could be looking at up to eight years is he is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide with an alcohol specification.

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