Walmart’s ‘Naughty’ Toddler Costume for Girls Anger Parents

by William White | September 25, 2013 12:52 pm

Walmart (NYSE:WMT)[1]Walmart (WMT[2]) is selling a “Naughty Leopard”[3] costume for two-year-old girls.

The outfit isn’t sitting well with some parents. One woman says that the costume is “excessive” and that she would not buy it for her three-year-old daughter. Another parent says that costume itself is cute, but that “naughty leopard doesn’t sound like something a kid should be wearing.” Parent can find the costume at Walmart stores and on, but it isn’t called a Naughty Leopard costume online. Walmart has issued an apology for the name of the costume, reports

Parents aren’t the only ones standing against the costume.

“I wouldn’t wear something that says ‘naughty’ in the title so it makes me think why would someone make that for a little child,” and “It’s just saying the wrong thing in general,” is what two 14-year-old girls told ABC 57[4].

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