Banksy Sets Up Stall on NYC Street, Sells Original Artwork for $60

by William White | October 14, 2013 11:44 am

Banksy, a graffiti artist who works sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars[1], set up a stall on a New York City street and sold his work for $60 a piece on Saturday.

The stall was located in Central Park and included original, signed works by the artist. One woman only bought two small canvases after negotiating a 50% discount. Two other signed works were sold to a New Zeland woman and four were sold to a man who claimed he needed “something for the walls” of his new home. The works were sold by an old man who worked the stall. It was almost four hours before he made his first sale. The total money earned from selling the art came to $420. Not many people stopped to look at the art and of them only the three mentioned above purchased anything, reports The New York Daily News.

A video of the art sale can be seen below.

  1. hundreds of thousands of dollars:

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