Barnes & Noble Cuts Nook HD Tablet Prices for Holidays

by Karl Utermohlen | October 31, 2013 2:04 pm

Barnes & Noble (BKS[1]) is learning from its past mistakes by lowering the prices of Nook HD tablets and manufacturing less tablets after overproducing the product last holiday season.

The Wall Street Journal reports[2] that the nine-inch Nook HD+ tablets introduced last fall will be priced at $149 after failing to sell the product well for $269 last year. Additionally, the seven inch Nook HDs will drop from $199 to $129 as Barnes & Noble looks to compete with Amazon (AMZN[3]) and Apple (AAPL[4]).

The book retailer has been a step behind Amazon’s Kindles and Apple’s iPads for years now but the company is hoping that offering these products at a discount price will encourage customers to choose the Nook. Barnes & Noble is hoping to make a comeback with a new product but customers will have to settle for an old Nook HD or the black and white Nook GlowLight e-reader which is priced at $119.

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