‘Frito Pie’ Diss Angers New Mexico Locals

But a TV show host says it was actually very tasty


‘Frito Pie’ Diss Angers New Mexico Locals

frito pie 300x224 Frito Pie Diss Angers New Mexico LocalsCelebrity chef and TV show host Anthony Bourdain has found himself in hot water over his comments about a popular dish in New Mexico.

After a visit to the state’s Five & Dime General Store for his CNN show Parts Unknown, Bourdain described the shop’s famed “Frito pie” as feeling like “warm crap in a bag.” He also said the concoction was more likely attributable to Texas than New Mexico, the Atlantic Wire notes.

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Bourdain’s remarks caused predictable dismay from the manager of Five & Dime, who also took issue with the TV host’s comment that the pie tasted like it included Hormel (HRL) canned chili.

Stun by the reaction, Bourdain has since apologized, issuing a statement saying that he “very much enjoyed” the Frito pie, which was “shockingly tasty,” despite what it felt like.

Frito Pies are made by combining PepsiCo‘s (PEP) Fritos snack chips, cheddar cheese and chili. The dish is occasionally delivered inside a Fritos bag.

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