Survey: McDonald’s Falls to Bottom of Fast-Food Ranking

by William White | October 16, 2013 10:39 am

McDonald's MCD[1]McDonald’s (MCD[2]) falls to the bottom[3] of a fast-food ranking survey conducted by Goldman Sachs.

The survey questioned 2,000 people about the quality of food, how helpful employees are to customers and if they would be willing to pay more than what is currently charged for food at 23 different fast-food restaurants. McDonald’s ranked in at last place for each of these categories. The fast-food chain is being hurt by customers who are limiting fast food purchases and going to other fast-food chains. McDonald’s also isn’t increasing its ad spending as much as some of its rival, which gives it a smaller voice in a crowded market. Franchisees are also concerned about McDonald’s future. A survey of 29 U.S. McDonald’s operators, which account for 183 stores, found that franchisees are concerned about new products cluttering the menu and reducing sale times. The franchisees also noted that Mighty Wings, which cost $1 per wing, aren’t seeing large sales due to the high cost when compared to the Dollar Menu, reports The Wall Street Journal.

“New product introductions don’t seem to interest customers anymore,” one McDonald’s operator told The Chicago Tribune[4]. “Maybe we’ve overdone it. It seems we are wasting millions on advertising and getting nothing for it.”

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