Twitter Q&A With Ryanair CEO Doesn’t Follow the Norm

by William White | October 22, 2013 10:40 am

michael-oleary-ryanair-ceo1[1]Ryanair (RYAAY[2]) CEO Michael O’Leary took to Twitter for an hour-long[3] chat using the hashtag #grillMOL.

The chat was O’Leary’s first Twitter discussion. The first half of the chat went largely unnoticed due to Ryanair not using its own hashtag during the chat. After this things picked up and O’Leary started answering more questions, and not all of them were about the company. One Twitter user asked O’Leary if he would get a Facebbok now that he has a Twitter, but O’Leary replied with “Sorry, no friends so no Facebook for me.” O’Leary fielded plenty of questions, with some of them coming from hostile people. One such user asked O’Leary is he felt that Ryanair had reached the point that customers no longer trust it, he replied with “Sorry, can’t read, can barely write. 81m customers would disagree with you.” Ryan compared himself to figures such as Jesus and Superman later in the chat, reports The Guardian.

O’Leary also hinted during the chat that Ryanair’s website is undergoing a major redesign[4] with a Tweet reading “Big digital relaunch coming soon.”

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