Aereo May Mean the End of NFL and MLB on Free TV

by Karl Utermohlen | November 19, 2013 1:13 pm

Aereo is facing serious heat from the NFL and MLB after the sports leagues announced that they are demanding the startup to pay them or they might take legal action.

CNN Money reports that the sports leagues[1]Aereo[2] will might stop broadcasting their games in free cable channels unless the tech company stops streaming their games without their permission. Aereo is a startup that works like a DVR by providing its users with an antenna that allows them to tune in to sports games in local channels for $8 a month.

The NFL and MLB are saying that the startup is taking viewers away from channels that pay the leagues to broadcast their games. TV broadcasters have gone to the Supreme Court to get a ruling on the legality of Aereo’s actions.

If Aereo’s services are found to be within the boundaries of the law, the NFL and MLB will consider only showing their games on channels that aren’t free such as ESPN and TNT. If the leagues decide to make this move, it would make it impossible for the startup to stream video from these channels without their permission.

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