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Your Black Friday Shopping Survival Guide

Don’t shop harder for the best Black Friday deals ... shop smarter

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While Shopping for Black Friday Shopping

black-friday-shopping-2013Save Those Receipts: If your gifts are 100% perfect year in and year out, then more power to you. But if you occasionally whiff, ask for gift receipts everywhere you go this Black Friday 2013 — then save them in a single bag or box. Save yourself the hassle of rifling through piles of shopping bags, or worse, realizing that they were thrown out.

Keep Tabs on Your Wallet/Purse: Stay mindful of whether your wallet is still in your pocket during your Black Friday shopping. If you have a clasp or zipper on your purse, use it, and always keep your purse in sight while checking out or grabbing a bite to eat in the food court. You might consider RFID blockers to thwart more technologically advanced thieves while hunting for Black Friday deals, but keep in mind that Consumer Reports and other reviewers have pooh-poohed most RFID shields’ efficacy.

Be Ready: Have your credit card or cash ready to go by the time you’re up at the register, and whatever you do, don’t gab on your cell phone or get lost in texting while you’re on deck. Yes, you’re bored. Yes, you’ve been in line for an hour. But so has everyone else trying to get the best Black Friday deals, so don’t hold up the queue. (This is less about survival and more about courtesy, but if everyone did this, Black Friday shopping would be a little more tolerable.)

If You’re Going to Eat, Eat Early: Surprise, surprise — when the whole world is out doing Black Friday shopping, restaurants tend to fill up in a flash. If you think you’re going to get a seat right away at noon, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. If you’re even getting remotely hungry by 10 a.m., figure out who opens at 11 and be there at 11. Otherwise, you’ll be enjoying that bench by the door.

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