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Your Black Friday Shopping Survival Guide

Don’t shop harder for the best Black Friday deals ... shop smarter

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Outside the Store for Black Friday Shopping

black-friday-shopping-2013Lock Your Car: Thieves take the path of least resistance. Much like simply locking your doors at home can deter crime, so can locking your car when heading in to hunt for Black Friday deals. Of course, some criminals are brash enough to pull off the smash-‘n’-grab, so …

Don’t Leave Presents in Sight: If you’re looking out for the five-finger discount, are you going to break into the barren Jetta or the minivan with Macy’s bags piled up to the headrests? If you said the latter, congratulations, you’ve got a criminal mind! (Just kidding.) But seriously, keep as many of your gifts — especially the more expensive ones — in the trunk. And should you have a heavy Black Friday shopping list, stow other gifts under seats, or throw a coat over a bag or two.

Watch Out for Black Ice: A Three Stooges-esque spill in the parking lot might kill on YouTube, but it can also kill in real life. Many retailers don’t take care of parking lots like they should, so just keep an eye on the ground during Black Friday 2013 to keep your keister from landing there.

Pay Attention Behind the Wheel: Seems like common sense, but driving awareness is one thing people find themselves awfully short of during the holiday Black Friday shopping rush. You will encounter more cars and people on the road and in parking lots than almost any other day of the year, and the last thing you want from Christmas is a fat insurance claim or date in court. Get yourself, your children and your husband’s new Apple iPad home safe.

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