Brittany Murphy May Have Been Murdered

by William White | November 19, 2013 12:36 pm

Brittany Murphy, the Clueless actress who died in 2009, may have been murdered[1].

Angelo Bertolotti, Murphy’s father, claims that a recently-tested hair sample from the actress show that she was poisoned before her death. When Murphy died in 2009, authorities cited pneumonia as the cause of her death. Bertolotti paid to have the hair samples examined and he believes that his daughter’s case should be reopened. He claims that the hair sample shows that “she was poisoned with criminal intent.” Bertolotti also says that he has an idea of who he believes killed his daughter, but that he couldn’t say anything just yet, reports The New York Daily News.

According to the lab report, the hair sample tested, which is believed to have come from Murphy, was found to have 10 heavy metals in it that were above the World Health Organization’s high levels of recommendation. The report continues by saying that if the possibility that the sample was exposed to several heavy metals at the same time was removed, then it is logical to say that the metals were put in the sample by a third party that had criminal intent, reports ABC News[2].

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