Cocaine-Filled Pumpkins Stopped at Border

The brought into Canada by an airplane passenger


Cocaine-Filled Pumpkins Stopped at Border

rotten pumpkin 630 300x187 Cocaine Filled Pumpkins Stopped at BorderSmugglers were planning a Halloween trick that could have netted them some hefty cash.

When baggage handlers at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport noticed strange masses inside three pumpkins in a passenger’s luggage, they grew suspicious. On examining the pumpkins, inspectors found them to be stuffed with bags containing a white powder, the Associated Press notes.

RUSSIA2 Cocaine Filled Pumpkins Stopped at Border
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That powder — surprise, surprise — turned out to be 2 kilograms of cocaine.

An investigation into the incident has been launched by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

The suspect is described as a woman, but no other details were disclosed by authorities.

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