Coke Zone: Coca-Cola Launches Online Magazine for Coke Lovers

by William White | November 15, 2013 12:01 pm

Coca-Cola[1]Coca-Cola (KO[2]) has launched an online magazine that is tailored to fans of the brand[3].

Coke Zone, a website that previously allowed Coca-Cola fans to redeem prizes with points, now acts as a source of content for Coca-Cola lovers. The redesigned site now offers a place where Coca-Cola fans can come to find videos, promotions, new flavors, partnerships and prize drawings regarding the brand. Coca-Cola made the decision to change the Coke Zone website after it noticed that most of its users were coming to it for content and not to redeem points, reports Marketing Magazine.

Coke Zone no longer allows users to trade in points for prizes. Coca-Cola informed users of this change in April an urged them to use their points before the website was overhauled. The company made a donation to the World Wildlife Fund in October as a representative of all of the Coke Zone users that had left over points when the website relaunched, reports Marketing Week[4].

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