Fed Taper Comments Drive Continued Gold Slide

by Christopher Freeburn | November 12, 2013 4:31 pm

Gold Silver GLD IAU SLV[1]Gold sank modestly in Tuesday trading after Federal Reserve officials signaled that the central bank could begin scaling back its stimulus as soon as next month.

In a CNBC interview, Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher said that financial markets should brace themselves[2] for the inevitable tapering of the Fed’s monthly bond-buying.

“Our balance sheet has become bloated, and at some point we will have to taper back on the pace of purchases,” he noted. Similar sentiments were echoed by Dennis Lockhard, president of the Atlanta Federal Reserve, who told Bloomberg Radio[3] that tapering “should be on the table” at upcoming Fed meetings, including the FOMC meeting in December.

Gold futures for December delivery fell 0.8% to $1,271.20 per ounce on Tuesday, according to CME Group[4]. Gold traded as high as $1,285.40 and as low as $1,269.10. Bullion closed in London at $1,271, according to BullionVault[5].

Silver futures for December dropped 2.3% to $20.79 per ounce. Tuesday’s high for silver was $21.36, while the low was $20.71.

Metal funds declined in Tuesday trading.

Mining ETFs moved lower during the day.

Gold stocks pulled back on Tuesday.

Silver mining shares retreated during the day.

As of this writing, Christopher Freeburn did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities. Adrian Ash of BullionVault[25] contributed to this report.

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