High School Basketball Coach Fired Over Facebook Photo

by Karl Utermohlen | November 8, 2013 2:44 pm

Laraine Cook was recently fired after a controversial photo of her was found on her Facebook (FB[1]) page sometime in October.

The Huffington Post reports that Cook[2] lost her job as the girls’ basketball coach at Pocatello High School in Idaho for posting a picture of her fiancé — Tom Harrison — holding her breast. The photo took place in July during a family vacation and she was reprimanded after the photo was leaked to the school. Cook was fired soon after but she is looking to put up a fight to get her job back.

“I don’t feel it’s an immoral photo, and that’s what the termination’s based on,” Cook told Local 8 News. “I would love to be able to coach those girls again. I love teaching. I love coaching. I love working with kids.”

Many of the girls’ parents are backing her up and believe that she is a good person with one parent saying that her daughter has been empowered by Coach Cook in basketball and in life.

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