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Holiday Tipping Guide 2013 – Who & How Much to Tip

Learn what constitutes proper tipping etiquette for the holidays

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Many people aren’t exactly sure who to tip, or how much to tip them. This is especially true during the holiday season, as the last few weeks of the year are thought of as a time for generosity. And that’s where this holiday tipping guide comes in.

holiday-tipping-guide-how-much-to-tipOf course, sometimes, your barber is just your barber — 20 minutes to do the job with a little small talk while he works. Other times, he’s an old friend. Just like you decide how much to tip waiters based on how attentive they are, the decision of how much to tip your hairdresser, housekeeper and others may depend on their level of service.

Still, it’s nice to have at least some tipping guidelines to work with. So this holiday tipping guide is packed with amounts and advice on the proper tipping etiquette from a variety of sources, including Kiplinger and

The tipping guide gives you a quick list of people who should get a little extra this holiday season, how much to tip them and any other tipping guidelines you might need. Take a look:

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