PHOTO: Empire State Building’s Halloween Light Display

by Christopher Freeburn | November 1, 2013 4:02 pm

empire state building halloween 300x185 PHOTO: Empire State Buildings Halloween Light Display[1]As New Yorkers went about their trick-or-treating on Halloween night, overhead the city’s second-tallest building reflected the holiday[2].

The Empire State Building was lit up in Halloween colors as 15,000 channels of computer-controlled LED lights cast changing colors on the skyscraper from its 72nd floor all the way to the top of its spire, the Associated Press notes.

The colorful glow from the light show could be see for miles. The light show was synched with music broadcast on local radio stations[3], MyFoxNY notes.

Last night’s light show was timed to coincide with the popular Halloween Parade in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

Earlier this year, the Empire State Building also put on a light show during Fourth of July festivities, using LED lights installed last year[4].

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