PHOTO: Heidi Klum’s 2013 Halloween Costume

by William White | November 1, 2013 3:00 pm

Heidi Klum appeared in a Halloween costume of herself as an old woman[1] at her costume party on Thursday.

Klum, 40, was unrecognizable in her costume. The costume had Klum looking like she had aged another 40 years. She wore a white wig with straw-like hair, had blue veins protruding from her legs and her face sagged. Klum didn’t just look old, she also dressed old. The supermodel wore a pearl necklace, printed top, a houndstooth suit and she finished the look with a cane. Klum says that she takes Halloween very seriously and that she starts thinking of costume ideas months in advance. She also said that she has a great team that “makes the impossible possible,” reports Us Weekly.

It took several hours and a team of five makeup artist[2] to turn Klum into an older version of herself.

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