PRNewser’s 10 New Business Buzzwords to Hate

by William White | November 18, 2013 1:11 pm

PRNewser[1] has collected a list of the top 10 new business buzzwords that people hate to hear. The list includes buzzwords that have been overused by PR agents, combinations of two words to make a new word and concepts that have long been proven impossible.

Here are the top 10 buzzwords to hate according to PRNewser.

  1.  Innovation – All sorts of new products claim to be innovative without actually bringing anything new to the table.
  2. Future Proof – No one knows the future, which means nothing its future proof.
  3. Representational State Transfer (ReST) – A web architecture that runs over HTTP.
  4. Social Learning – Observing a process without implementing it.
  5. Yottabytes – A quadrillion gigabytes.
  6. Alphanista – A term used to describe a woman who “has it all.”
  7. Phablets – A combination of a phone and a tablet.
  8. The Next Big Thing – Technology moves forward at such a rate that “the next big thing” comes out every three to six months.
  9. Prankvertising – A advertising technique where a company pranks real people and records it.
  10. The Cloud – This term has been used by PR agents to the point that it is now seen as a joke by some.

To see PRNewser full article covering the top 10 buzzwords to hate, click here[2].

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