Subway Lets Passengers Pay for Ticket With 30 Squats

by William White | November 15, 2013 12:33 pm

A Russian subway allows passengers to pay for tickets with 30 squats[1].

The Vystavochnaya subway, located in Moscow, has a ticket machine that gives passengers a one-way ticket if they do 30 squats in under two minutes while standing in front of the machine. The tickets that the machine gives out are worth about $1, or 30 rubles, which means that each squat is worth about a ruble. The machine was installed by the Russian Olympic Committee and is meant to “add elements of sport into daily life,” reports The New York Daily News.

The ticket machine will be available for use at the Moscow subway until Dec. 3[2].

Below is a video of several people performing squats in front of the machine to receive tickets.

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