Subway Offers Fans Sneak Peek at ‘Hunger Games’ Trailer

by William White | November 18, 2013 12:43 pm

hunger games franchise 630[1]Subway has teamed up with Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF[2]) to show a one-minute sneak peak[3] of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The sneak peek was posted online on Nov. 4 and features Christina Aguilera’s We Remain from the movie’s soundtrack. The video has about 30,000 “Likes” and shares on Facebook (FB[4]) and also has around 300 Retweets and 250 favorites on Twitter (TWTR[5]). Subway, as part of its promotion campaign with Lions Gate, has also released several other trailers from the film, reports Marketing Daily.

Around 1,500 Subway locations inside Walmart (WMT[6]) stores are offering collectible cups based on the movie. These cup are exclusive to Subway locations located inside Walmart stores, Marketing Daily notes.

Below is a Subway commercial promoting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire alongside the restaurant’s new fiery sandwiches.

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