Fast Food Strike Heading to 100 Cities

by Karl Utermohlen | December 2, 2013 2:42 pm

A fast food strike of about 100 cities is expected to happen on Thursday as workers demand higher pay.

The Associated Press reports that fast food employees will walk off the job[1]04_05_11---McDonalds_web[2] on Dec. 5 unless the $7.25 federal minimum wage is raised. Workers are barely getting by with the low salary and they are demanding a pay raise of $15 an hour. Although their demands are unlikely to be met, workers could get more than $10 an hour following the strike.

President Obama said he would back a Senate measure to increase minimum wage to $10.10. Additionally, this year has been a minor success for some states such as New Jersey, New York, California, Connecticut and Rhode Island that increased their minimum wages.

Nevertheless, workers are facing an uphill battle considering that the fast food industry relies on low prices for their products. Companies such as McDonald’s (MCD[3]), Burger King (BKW[4]) and Yum Brands (YUM[5]) have experienced slow growth during the recession which will make it harder for them to meet their workers’ demands.

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